The TikToker Behind The Sleepy Lettuce Water Hack Has Provided Some New Tips Before You Guzzle

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Sleepless binches, I call upon you. TikTok is sharing around a sleep hack that involves drinking boiled lettuce water, and it’s actually backed by science.

Now, the creator of the original trend has made an update video, with all of the do’s and dont’s for making lettuce water before bedtime. Turns out if you want to try a sleepy lettuce leaf water concoction for yourself, you need to pay attention to a few things.

If you’re like me and require seventy fluffed pillows and a perfect posture just to get to sleep after three hours of tossing and turning, you probably already caught eye of the new lettuce water trend that TikTok is celebrating, or, read our article about it all.

According to the original video made by TikTok user @shapla_11, guzzling down on some boiled lettuce water can actually make you feel super sleepy, and the best part is, these claims are totally backed by science.

And now, we have a follow-up video to talk about, in which @shapla_11 gives us some tips for our lettuce water making endeavours.


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Here are the main takeaways from the video:

How long does lettuce water take to make?

“I left it in the cup with the hot water for about 12-15 minutes, and then boom, Bob’s your uncle,” @shapla_11 says in the follow-up vid.

However, she recommends that you don’t just boil the water in a kettle and then pour it into a cup with lettuce leaves. Instead, for maximum effect, she says it’s probably better to boil the lettuce in a saucepan and then pour out the delicious water.

How long does it take the lettuce water to actually work?

In the vid, @shapla_11 says that after drinking the yummy leaf concoction, it took her 30-40 minutes to fall asleep. After that, she was completely “knocked out”.

Which lettuce should you use?

It’s recommended that you use wild lettuce or romaine lettuce, as they both contain higher amounts of lactucarium, the sleepy-sleepy snooze chemical.

Other types of lettuce are perfectly fine, but for maximum knock-out effects, get the good stuff.

Should you add anything to the water?

Understandably, drinking lettuce water can be offputting to most people.

In the original video, @shapla_11 adds peppermint tea to the mixture, but now she recommends that you absolutely do not.

“Don’t use peppermint tea, okay? I only used peppermint because I didn’t want to taste
the salad water. Peppermint actually keeps you up… so don’t use that,” she says.

“You can use chamomile, or just keep steppin’ with water.”

And yes, keep steppin’ is a bit of Brit slang for just moving on with it. Brave the waters, you won’t die. In fact, you probably won’t taste much of anything at all.

And that’s all the do’s and dont’s of lettuce water making.

Now, let’s all get out there and get the best sleeps of our lives. Lettuce gang rise up.