Buckle up friends, because I am about to take you on yet another wild internet ride. What’s going down this time? Well, a French model on TikTok is claiming that ‘bon appetit’ is cultural appropriation. The catch? Well, it isn’t actually her, but someone else entirely using her image to create wild videos. I told you to buckle up.

Introducing @moniquedelacroix (Monique Delacroix), a TikTok account with the words “french girl magic” in the bio. Her most famous video? One in which she claims that saying “bon appetit” is cultural appropriation.

Take a look for yourself. It’s really something.


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She even justifies her wild stance in another video, claiming that because Americans have started to use the phrase, it has been appropriated.

“Americans have been using this french saying for years, basically to tell people to enjoy their meal,” Delacroix writes in the video.

“The problem is that it’s become such a common phrase that it’s now seen as American culture and therefore is cultural appropriation.”

Truly wild stuff.


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Her other famous vid is one in which she claims she isn’t white because she’s 25% Bulgarian, and you need to see it to really understand how crazy this account is.


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Delacroix gained instant internet clout for her videos, which had many an internet user riled up because of her ridiculous claims.

It wasn’t until @leegreenn_ (Lesedi) made a video exposing Delacroix, that the internet started to realise the person they thought was making wild claims, wasn’t even the person in the videos at all.


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Turns out the woman in the videos is Julie Tuzet, a French model who is also on TikTok.

The videos used by Delacroix, whoever the hell that is, were stolen from Tuzet’s social media accounts, and then text was placed over them to make it seem like she was saying wild things online.

Tuzet has made a video on TikTok addressing the fact that her identity has been stolen, in which she encourages people to report the fake account.

“Hey guys I kinda need your help because someone stole my identity on TikTok, and it became viral on Twitter,” she says in her video.

“This person is named Monique Delacroix. She stole my visual identity to create some horrible videos, making me say horrible things. This person is not me, and if you could please help me spread around that I’m not the actual author of those videos, that would be really helpful.”


If you can comment that this is not me whenever you see those horrible videos that would be really helpful ????????❤️ I love you guys #identityfraud #fyp

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Currently, Delacroix’s fake account is still up and running, but the bio has been altered to read “fanpage, not impersonating.”

Something tells me this story isn’t quite finished, but for now, Delacroix is still posting wild videos using Tuzet’s image.