Pastry Queen Claire Saffitz Has Dropped The First Tasty Glimpse At Her Solo YouTube Channel

Claire Saffitz

Dessert queen and baking legend Claire Saffitz has dropped the first official trailer for her YouTube channel, Dessert Person, after teasing it with some behind the scenes footage back in September (which feels like a decade ago).

The trailer for the new baking series gives us a good look at how the ex-Bon Appétit fave will be running her channel, and it looks like some delicious stuff is going to be coming out of Saffitz’s very own home kitchen.

It’s a huge change from the massive kitchens we’re used to seeing Saffitz in, but honestly, we cannot help but stan.

“Claire Saffitz is a dessert person. She likes cakes and cookies and pies and believes that no meal is complete without something sweet at the end,” reads the description for the video.

“Join Claire in her home kitchen as she highlights recipes from the book in this new baking series to help you take your baking skills to the next level.”

You know what, I think I will join Claire. Sounds like a great time.

The channel, of course, was born out of the total collapse of the Bon Appétit test kitchen, which essentially had a mass exodus of YouTube personalities and chefs due to claims of underpaying BIPOC individuals who did the same work as their white colleagues. So yeah, good for Saffitz for leaving.

Back in October, Saffitz and six others left the company, and explained their reasons why on their respective social media accounts.

“I’m grateful to Bon Appétit and [Condé Nast Entertainment] for the opportunity to build my career on their platforms, but this opportunity was not granted equally to all,” Saffitz wrote in an Instagram post.

“I respect and support the decisions of many of my colleagues to blaze new trails. I look forward to following all of their great work.”

Drama aside, the new YouTube channel looks hella tasty, and will be uploading every Thursday at 10AM, according to the trailer.

I truly cannot wait to watch Claire continue her battle with making nougat, and fill my YouTube feed with suggested videos of baked delights.