This Melb Art Historian Used Her Degree To ‘Prove’ Eurovision’s Italy Captain Didn’t Do Coke

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A Melburnian art historian on TikTok has used her degree in Renaissance art history to debunk the entire Eurovision scandal involving Italian glam rock band Måneskin and the alleged use of nose candy. We all saw the moment, and we were all shook at the fact that it definitely looked bad, but this TikToker reckons she’s cracked the case.

Today, Eurovision Song Contest organisers announced that Damiano David, the lead singer of Måneskin, tested negative for using drugs of any kind at the competition. However, for a good time there, it was believed by viewers that he was doing a cheeky line of coke on camera, and it definitely had people talking.

TikTok user @_theiconoclass (Mary McGillivray), who has a degree in Renaissance art history, reckons that the evidence has been pretty clear all along that Damiano never used any kind of substance on camera.

By analysing the footage and mapping the plane of the objects in the scene, McGillivray has proved that Damiano absolutely wasn’t shooting stars up his nostrils while he waited for the final result in the Eurovision green room.

“People have been saying it looks like he’s enjoying some Snow White in this clip, but he says he was just looking at a broken glass at his feet,” McGillivray says in the TikTok video.

“The table is glass and it’s obscured by this ice bucket, but if we map the plane of the objects on the table, we can clearly see that his nose is far above the table.”

She even goes as far as to analyse the height of the members’ knees. That, my friends, is dedication.

“So what’s his hand resting on?? So, Victoria, who is the shortest member of the band, her knees are pretty high up. Damiano was wearing five-inch heels, which means his knees were even higher, and that’s where his left hand is sitting,” McGillivray continues.

“THEREFORE the angles and heights don’t match up and he could not be sniffing some fairy dust. I’m putting my art history rep on the line and I will die on this hill.”

You can check out the wild video right here.


Me if the test comes back positive: 🤡 @imaneskin #eurovisionitaly #eurovision #eurovision2021 #arthistorytiktok #maneskin #renaissance

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Keep in mind this TikTok was released before Damiano had a negative test result, so kudos to her for absolutely cracking this case through pure investigation.