This Woman On TikTok Is Sharing Her Experiences In A Shady Melbourne Cult And Warning Others

A Melbourne woman has made a bunch of TikToks detailing her experience in a South Korean cult, and is now warning others of signs to look out for when they’re out and about.

TikTok user @youngahhh was indoctrinated into a cult named Providence at the age of 22, and became a full member at 23. Her TikToks are fkn wild, and now I am too scared to ever leave my house again.

“I was in a cult for six years. It was absolute mental chaos and I have a lot to say,” says @youngahhh.

“Anyone can fall into a cult, and I mean anyone. Firstly, if people approach you on the street or in shopping centres, asking you to do surveys or anything to do with religion, red flag. Do not give them your contact details.”

“I saw a prominent cult evangelising in Melbourne central three days ago.”

@youngahhh describes the cult as what she believes to be Shincheonji, a Korean cult. Fked.

“Also, cults can host seemingly normal events like barbecues, cultural events, arts, dance, modelling, sports, bible studies. The purposes of these are for evangelism exclusively. They ARE watching you.”

Dunno about you but I just got chills. You can watch the video below, which has over 220K views.


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In a follow-up video, @youngahhh describes the cult that she was indoctrinated into. She says that 5 months into her learning she started to believe in the doctrines, until she had a ceremony at 11 months in to become accepted into the cult.

And yes, Melburnians, the cult was in your city.

“For those interested, the cult goes by many names. It can be JMS, which is the initials of the leader, or it can be known as Providence, which is what I and most of the Australian members will refer to it as.

“Its indoctrination process involves listening to anywhere between 15 to 30 bible studies that begin fairly innocently as very convincing interpretations of the bible to being told that the second coming has come and that the Messiah is alive on the Earth right now.

“[The cult is] about a bride and a bride-groom relationship coming out of the son and father relationship between God and mankind. This process can take place between months or years depending on the person. I was a believer as early as 5 months in and I was a full member by 11.”

Fucked with a capital F.


Reply to @nellylikejelly this is nerve racking, but if it helps even one person not give their life to JMS, then so be it. #cultawareness #cults

♬ original sound – youngahhh

The last video made by the account, which was put up 20 hours ago at the time of writing, was made to thank all of the people who sent love and good messages to @youngahhh in her DMs.

She also mentions how some fans were sending her testimonies of their own Aussie cult experiences, and how much it means that she could make videos that help them and others.


Tik tok is an amazing platform, and so are all of you! #cultawareness #cultsmelbourne #cultsaustralia #cults #igotout

♬ original sound – youngahhh

Stay tuned, because there’s a lot more exposing that @youngahhh wants to do, and you better believe I’m going to be waiting for it all.