Uhh, Did A Eurovision Contestant Just Snort A Line Of *Something* On International Live TV?

Eurovision line of coke

The 2021 Eurovision Song Contest concluded in the wee hours of the Australian morning on Sunday, but that didn’t spot some eagle-eyed viewers from noticing one very suspicious-looking act among the brilliant chaos that was the grand final.

Note: There are no explicit spoilers in this article, but you might get a hint if you’re a diehard Eurovision fan. If you want to read about the full results, you can do so here.

One of the members of Italian rock band Måneskin appeared to be snorting a line of, well, something in the greenroom. A green room which, in this case, was little more than an open booth that’s fully exposed to the entire stadium – and its cameras.

Plenty of viewers reckoned it looked like a big old line of coke. It didn’t help that the footage had a watermark in the corner which read: “Voting lines are closed!”

Now the band’s guitarist Thomas Raggi has come out and said it wasn’t cocaine, with the reality being far less rock ‘n’ roll.

“I don’t do drugs,” he said bluntly at a press conference after the show.

The band claims that Thomas was in fact cleaning up a broken glass. Ok then!

This was just one of many chaotic moments that took place during and immediately after the voting.

Take, for example, Iceland’s spokesperson insisting on voting for “Jaja Ding Dong”, the iconic banger from Will Ferrell‘s movie, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.

Iceland’s rep just happened to be the same actor who played the aggressive punter who demanded the song in the movie, too. What a nice touch.

Meanwhile, Norway’s TIX and Azerbaijan’s Efendi used the opportunity to once again catch up in person, after weeks socially-distanced flirting turned into all-out dating.

“So, dinner?”
byu/Abberline1888 ineurovision

So there you have it.

The cocaine was glass, “Jaja Ding Dong” didn’t get played, and our lovebirds have apparently found a happy ending.