A US Teacher Is Being Accused Of Staging Her Class’ Response To Her Engagement For TikTok Clout

A teacher in the US on tiktok is getting slammed online for her engagement announcement

A US TikTok teacher has altered brain chemistries worldwide after an uber-cringe video of her announcing her engagement went batshit viral. If you’re the type of person whose cup gets filled by horrifically awkward situations, you won’t need to refill for a good month after this.

Nicole Matthews, also known as @Lights.Camera.Teach teaches kindergarten.

Her vibe is giving “the Emily in Paris of teaching”: A super enthusiastic person whose heart is definitely in the right place but they’re also a chronic over-sharer.

Earlier in the new year, she uploaded the offending video with the caption “not sure if they understand what engages (sic) means lol”.


Not sure if they understand what engages means lol #kindergarten #teachersbelike #teacherengagement #teach #teachertok #teachersoftiktok

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“So, friends, I don’t know if you noticed but when I came in yesterday I had this ring on my finger,” she begins in the video.

Calling your students “friends”? A hard no by Australian standards but we shall watch on, through our fingers or otherwise.

“Does anybody know why I would have this ring? What do you think Cassidy?”

“Because you’re married”, responds poor Cassidy who clearly just wanted to do her colouring in and eat her carrot sticks in peace.

“Well guess what?” she continues. “Over my break, friends, I got engaged!”

Again, this business of calling your students “friends” is giving major ick.

Y’all aren’t homies, you’re legally in charge of them at school. I’m sure she means well by it but where are the boundaries???

Untroubled and with a painful lack of self-awareness, she goes on.

“So that means that Ms Matthews’ boyfriend asked me to marry him. And I thought that I would tell all of you.”

Then, the awkwardness goes to another level.

There’s an obvious cut in the video, followed by the class making a lacklustre “yay” noise.

Folks in the comments section hypothesised this was due to Ms Matthews instructing her class to act enthused for the camera and it certainly does look like it.

Oh dear…

At the time of writing, 3.4 million people have endured this video.

Congrats on the engagement though!