Spotify And The Australian Federal Police Are Feuding On Facebook And It’s Fkn Incredible

An unlikely feud has emerged between music streaming service Spotify and *checks notes* the Australian Federal Police (AFP)??????

Yes, after the AFP absolutely slammed Spotify Wrapped in a viral Facebook post, the streaming giant decided to clap TF back. It also begs the question, who would win in a fight, Spotify or the AFP?

If you aren’t familiar with Spotify Wrapped 2020, firstly where have you been? But secondly, it’s a fun way for Spotify to showcase all the music you’ve listened to throughout the year, and also make you super embarrassed by your song choices.

Also what the hell is ‘Ja Ja Ding Dong’? (Ok, I’ve looked it up and apparently it’s from that cursed Eurovision Song Contest movie with Will Ferrel)

Look, I have a lot of time for the person who runs the AFP social media page, they have made low-level crime seem somewhat exciting and modern. You’d think the police of all people might be out of touch with meme culture, but whoever is running their page is absolutely killing it, and I don’t think we give them enough credit.

I don’t know how, but whoever is behind this page has managed to even make liquid meth seem light-hearted.

Somehow the AFP have taken this stale, crusty-ass meme format and made it into something incredible. I tip my hat, sir.

I love that social media managers are now being given creative license to make what would normally be boring content into comedic gold. It’s honestly excellent PR and other organisations should take note.

Just look at this exquisite meme a social media manager made on behalf of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

Now, look at this meme made by rental service company Mr. Rental. It’s *chef’s kiss*.

Do I love my family? Yes. But do you know what I love more? A social media manager gone rogue.

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