Spotify Wrapped Is Here And So Are Video Messages From Taylor Swift, Troye Sivan & Hundreds More

Happy Spotify Wrapped day, my friends! Who’s ready to see everybody’s Instagram stories of what they were listening to?

Personally, I won’t be posting mine for a few reasons. The main one is that it’s terribly embarrassing. For the second year in a row, a three-hour track called “528HZ Frequency Positive Energy Music” has made it into my top five songs, really giving the world a good indication of how my mental health is going. But also The 1975 has made the list which I’d like to blame on my immense coverage of Matty Healy and Taylor Swift‘s tryst from earlier this year, but we all know that’s a stretch.

ANYWAY, this year Spotify has upped its game by including personalised video messages from thousands of artists thanking their fans for tuning into their tracks. It’s very sweet and a lovely reminder of the person behind the music that became our real-life soundtrack this year.

Here are some of the messages from the world’s biggest artists from all sorts of genres including SZA, Denzel Curry, Bad Bunny, Dolly Parton, Troye Sivan, Jung Kook, Chappell Roan, Sam Smith and literally thousands more.

And in case you were wondering, of course, Taylor Swift — the top global artist of 2023 — made a gorgeous lil’ vid too.

But it wasn’t just musicians who did it, my personalised message was from a podcast called Normal Gossip so it’s nice to see the podcasters get involved too.

Other brand-spankin’ new features in this year’s Spotify Wrapped include peak listening months, which show when you really drowned out your speakers with certain artists. There’s also a slide of little tarot-card-looking things which show the streaming habit that defined your listening experience this year. For example, I got the ‘Alchemist’ because I like to make my own playlists. Cute!

Other cards include the Vampire, Cyclops, Fanatic, Robotist and Collector, to name a few.

(Image: Spotify)

If you have no idea where to find your artist messages, go into Spotify and visit the Wrapped feed for all the video messages from artists you engaged with. I promise it’s worth it.