Just weeks after the silhouette challenge went viral on TikTok, creepy dudes on the internet have already ruined it.

The trend itself is super innocent and just like every other viral dance on the app. Basically, it’s meant to be a thirst trap where you can feel your best self without the actual exposure of being horny on main.

It’s all about self-empowerment and other good things that shouldn’t be ruined by creeps online, basically.

And hoo boy, it really took off too. In less than a month, the videos using the hashtag have amassed more than 240 million collective views, which is pretty huge even for TikTok.

Here’s an example for you:

@mrsmosquitoTried this trend…wait for it ????##silhouette##mrsmosquito##fyp##xybca##trending##foryou##putyourheadonmyshoulder

♬ Put Your Head On My Shoulder – Giulia Di Nicolantonio

Pretty cool, huh? A nice way to flex that you’re hot without being too exposed?

Well, that was until gross men decided to reverse the filters in a desperate attempt to see what I can only assume is the first naked woman in their lives.

Photographers and video editors alike quickly took to social media to warn people to be careful with their videos, urging them not to reveal anything pre-edit that they wouldn’t be comfortable sharing without the filter.

It goes without saying that nobody doing the challenge was asking for it and they shouldn’t have to be scared to have their nudes leaked because somebody else decided to be creepy and gross, but it’s worth noting just how easy it is to reverse the edits if you’re going to try this challenge.

So you’re wondering how to do it, huh? Well, if you’re a total creep who would like to do this, here’s my guide:

  • Grab your phone
  • Go to the nearest large body of water
  • Throw your phone into it

I’m not going to link to any of the information on how to remove these filters because it’s disgusting and a huge invasion of privacy, so if you really want to see some naked people, please just do the right thing and pay a sex worker.