TikTok bites king Nathan Lyons, the Wiradjuri man behind the much adored @kookingwithakoori, is getting his own cookbook.

Lyons has racked up almost 100,000 followers on TikTok, where you can find him whipping up #MadFeedz for his wife and kids using pantry staples.

The 35-year old uses his platform to teach others how to feed their families or themselves on a budget.

Bites, banter, and no-bake chocolate slices – Lyons’ TikTok has it all.


Kooking with a koori ????????❤️ no bake chocolate slice. Inspired by @jennnnaaayy #Christmas2020 #madfeedz #fyp #koori #aboriginal #food #cooking

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Lyons has teamed up with Simon & Schuster Australia on the cookbook, which has of course been titled Kooking with A Koori. 

“I’m thrilled to be working on a book with Simon & Schuster. During these tough times for families, I’m hoping they can get some use out of my favourite budget-friendly recipes while having a laugh along the way. I’ll be bringing back some of the classic family favourites I had growing up,” Lyons said.

“I also get to share some Indigenous Australian soul foods with the community and hopefully inspire some people to get back into the kitchen to make their own meals instead of grabbing fast food.”

Lyons started to really capture TikTok’s attention after he shared his bully beef recipe on the platform. The video has since garnered almost 400,000 views and counting.


KOOKING WITH A KOORI ????????❤️ Bully beef #koori #aboriginal #feeds #cooking #cookup #deadly #bullybeef #cornedbeef #australia #ShowAndTell #fyp #yum

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One fan perfectly summed up Lyons’ videos as “simple and real.”

In an interview with News.com.au last November,  Lyons said he was inspired to upload cooking content after watching Nat’s What I Reckon and other cooks like MasterChef contestant Marion Grasby (@marionskitchen on Instagram).

“She has all the individual bowls for the individual spices, perfectly measured out, perfect kitchen all this sort of stuff,” he said.

“I’m using plastic plates and a dash of this and a dash of that. They don’t look great but it tastes good and I think people can relate to it and go, ‘That’s what mine looks like when I cook it.'”


Kooking with a koori ????????❤️ mi goreng steak noodles #madfeedz #aboriginal #koori #indgenous #fyp #australia #cooking #noodles #beef #steak

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Lyons’ Kooking with A Koori will be published in July, keep your eyes peeled.

Apart from TikTok, you can also find him on Instagram and Facebook.

Image: TikTok / @kookingwithakoori