Someone Dubbed Moe Szyslak Over Pauline Hanson And I Can’t Even Tell The Difference, Tbh

Sometimes Australia’s most irritating and problematic politician, Pauline Hanson, is a parody of herself. So when a YouTuber dubbed Moe Szyslak‘s notorious anti-immigrant spiel from The Simpsons over one of her interviews, the resulting deepfake almost sounded real.

YouTuber Abrahamilton has taken to making Simpsons-flavoured deepfakes of several Aussie politicians over the past few days.

For those uninitiated, a deepfake uses artificial intelligence to alter video footage. In other words, it’s way more than just lining up some audio over existing footage.

In this case, Hanson’s mouth has been edited to move at exactly the right time as Moe’s speech. Watch below:

It’s not just Hanson who gets the deepfake treatment in the video, either. Tones makes an appearance as Barney Gumble, while barely-sentient potato Peter Dutton is also in there courtesy of Homer Simpson‘s voice.

“Immigants [sic] I knew it was them! Even it was the bears, I knew it was them!” Hanson appears to say in the deepfake.

“You know what really agrivases [sic] me? Is them immigants, [sic] they want all the benefits of living in Springfield, but they ain’t even bother to learn themselves the language.”

For one of Australia’s most xenophobic yet poorly-spoken politicians, Moe’s classic self-own is amazingly on-brand for Hanson.

“Yeah! Those are exactly my sentimonies [sic]” Dutton appears to interject.

As far as deepfakes go, this one one seems a fair bit more believable than her “I’ve been murdered” video or the time she got stuck trying to climb Uluru (don’t climb Uluru).

It’s a case of life imitating art imitating life.