Sarah Hanson-Young Took Pauline Hanson To Task Over Her Burqa Stunt

Sunrise has a fair bit to answer for in regards to giving Pauline Hanson the platform she required in order to rise back up to a seat in the Australian Senate, and the Channel Seven morning show continues to place ratings over ethics by continually giving preferential airtime to the Queensland Senator, despite her party’s status as an extreme minority.

Following last week’s baffling and largely purposeless stunt in which Hanson wore a burqa into the senate floor to make a point about national security – despite having to identify herself and pass through security prior to entering the room, rendering her entire point moot – Hanson was once again welcomed onto the breakfast TV show this morning to give her always-considered take on global terrorism.

Hanson was questioned about her stunt, and copped an almighty grilling from Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young, who was also present on the program. Hanson-Young lashed Pauline for the burqa stunt, who asserted that in doing so she was “putting the country at risk” and was “doing ISIS’s work for them.”

Pauline, I think you need to really reflect on the fact that security experts, foreign policy experts have said that what you did last week will now be used as the recent kind of fodder for promoting extremism.

You are doing ISIS’s work for them. It is extremely dangerous. You are putting the entire country at risk.

Hanson-Young went further still, after Pauline attempted to defend her actions – which have been almost universally condemned – by asserting again that it was done to make a point about national security and her continued push for increased identity checks.

Everyone knew it was you, being a goose.

Everyone knew it was you putting the country in danger. The next attack in Australia will be on your head.

Hooley bloody dooley.