In the aftermath of yesterday’s devastating terror attacks in Paris, Pauline Hanson has used an appearance on the Today show to criticise the Australian government’s plan to boost refugee numbers.

Responding to reports that one of the men involved in the attacks may have been posing as a refugee, the former One Nation leader steered hard into the skid, saying the nation does not want any more Muslim asylum seekers.

In the space of 55 seconds, Hanson criticised Malcolm Turnbull for “big-noting” himself on the world stage in response to the current humanitarian crisis, and raised fears that there are “ISIS plants” amid refugees fleeing conflicts in Syria. 

“People don’t want another 12,000 refugees in Australia,” she said, to the sound of 1000 tweets just like this one:

Watch it, we dare you:

Pauline Hanson discusses #ParisAttacks

“People don’t want another 12,000 refugees in Australia… Protect and give the Australian people the security they need and are screaming for”. We spoke to Pauline Hanson about the situation in Paris. #Today9

Posted by TODAY on Saturday, November 14, 2015