A Cringe-Inducing Video That Went Viral In 2015 Has Found New Life As A Hilarious TikTok Trend

TikTok has been hit by a hilarious new trend where users are adding their own variations to a joke about Donald Trump that absolutely bombed in 2015 on live TV. Which goes to show that sometimes the difference between a bad joke and a great one is simply repeating it. (Don’t repeat jokes, your friends will get so mad at you.)

It’s not unusual for the internet to resurface an old clip and turn it into a meme, and that winning formula has repeated itself with the “Oh That’s Not” trend that’s amassed more than 200 million views.

But before we peep the best that the algorithm has to offer, here’s the backstory.

Because as everyone knows, a joke is only funny if it gets explained first.

Where did the “Oh That’s Not” clip come from?

In 2015 on an episode of American daily talk show The View, during a segment on politics panellist Kelly Osbourne suffered what is called in the media industry a “massive fucking gaffe“.

In a discussion on Donald Trump’s promise to kick Mexicans out of the US, Osbourne attempted to deliver what she imagined to be the zinger to end all zingers.

However in a classic case of White-Person-Tries-Racially-Spicy-MaterialThey-Should-Have-Checked-Earlier, Osbourne’s line didn’t come off quiiiiiiite how she imaged it would. Check it out.


OH that’s not-

♬ original sound – Dylan G.

“If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet Donald Trump?” Osbourne said… on live TV.


Her co-hosts immediately recoiled, gasping “Ohhh… that’s not.” Which is where the name of the trend originates.

When the joke was not met with the laughter she expected, Osbourne then picked up a shovel and dug a deeper hole.

“In the sense that — you know what I mean? Like what I’m saying,” she sputtered, attempting to salvage the soundbite.

But it was too late.

Now eight years later, this cringe inducing clip has been repurposed into a hilarious TikTok trend.

What is the “Oh That’s Not” trend?

Like all good viral memes, the “Oh That’s Not” trend has set up a simple joke structure where anyone is able to insert their own variables in to create a new punchline, Mad Lib style.

The TikTok formula is as follows:

“And if you kick out every [PEOPLE GROUP] from [PLACE], then who is going to [ACTION], [PROPER NOUN]?”

For instance, here’s what Osbourne’s remark might sound like in the most hardcore neighbourhood of all, Sesame Street.

@kevmikebren #sesamestreet #ohthatsnot #inthesensethat ♬ original sound – kevin michael brennan

It’s the Elmo voice impression in the background for me.

This TikTok trend has been utilised by people of all niches to apply to their group identity, whether it be fandoms or cultures, and highlight the cute little thing that they add to society.

Or it can be used to highlight a double standard that exists in the perspective of whoever is being used as the stand in for Trump.

Basically, it’s a lot of fun to see how different cultures and subcultures see their value, and can self-deprecatingly own what makes them unique. I absolutely love it.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the funniest takes on the trend that some hilarious creators have shared, and which group or person they’ve called out, LOL.

Companies and brands


Where would international “coffee” chain Starbucks be without its devoted workforce?


A valid question tho

♬ If you kick every they them out of this country – Eli orWhatever

Baskin Robbins

If you think that being lactose intolerant means I’ll avoid eating ice cream, think again.

@petty_guardian_ @Dylan G. Why are lactose intolerant people (me) so stubborn? #kellyosbourne ♬ original sound – Dylan G.

The publishing industry

Feeling very called out by this one. Buying books makes my big sad go away temporarily, okay?

@jack_edwards ohhh thats not— yeah kelly osbourne is never living this one down. i-in the sense that— #booktok ♬ original sound – Jack Edwards

And let’s not forget the backbone of the writing industry: self published fan fiction.

@aymansbooks we’d be lost without them ib@Fish #ao3fanfiction #fanficwriters #ao3writerscouldtakeovertheworld #ao3supremacy ♬ original sound – ayman


Any meme worth its time in the spotlight gets adopted by the countless fan-cultures that exist on the internet.

It’s part of what makes memes so great — using inside jokes with a massive group of likeminded people makes us all feel closer together, even if we are far away.

Percy Jackson books

As the brand new Disney+ Percy Jackson show continues to make waves, the Rick Riordan‘s readers are enjoy a well-earned renaissance period on TikTok.

@tessa.chb yes, i’m very sick, lets focus on the issue #foryou #fyp #booktok #books #yabooks #percyjackson #pjo #percabeth ♬ original sound – Tessa


No matter how much you like Timothée Chalamet as the world famous chocolate man, you can’t deny his workplace practices are dubious.

@theoreticallyrowan kelly osbourne shares some bad takes on the wonka chocolate political climate #willywonka #wonka #kellyosbourne #oompaloompa ♬ Pure Imagination (from “Wonka”) – Timothée Chalamet

Lord Of The Rings

I’m a little Tolkein nerd, so indulge me as I include this on the list for the amazing Gollum impression.

@organizedchaotic no like- #fyp #foryou #inthesensethat #lordoftherings #lotr #smeagol ♬ original sound – Jay

This one’s not really a fandom, but all catto owners are going to feel vindicated by this one.

@starsandthecosmos sorry for existing in your presence mr princeton ill do better next time #fyp #cattok #ohthatsnot #inthesensethat ♬ original sound – star 🧡🤍🩷 they/he


Mitski fans have enjoyed memes recently about the fact that Barrack Obama included “My Love Mine All Mine” in his 2023 playlist, and now they have enjoyed this meme too.

@nobodeedobie I LOVE MITSKI #theview #relatable #fyp #foryoupage #mitski #mitskifan #funny #kellyosbourne #memes #taylorswift ♬ original sound – nobodee


What is a Hozier fan, if not a hopeless yearner?

@tayyy.jpeg no no no LISTEN- #fyp ♬ original sound – It’s Tay

Meta Memes

Finally the last stage in the life cycle of a meme is when people subvert the expected formula by flipping the meaning of the original meme.

In this case, one creator has a little fun by pointing out what Osbourne SHOULD have said if she wanted her point to be valid.

@angelalbertatio Meanwhile in a parallel universe… #kellyosbourne #ohthatsnot #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Angel Alberto

And finally… the best version of the trend IMO.

@jimfishyy maybe like three exceptions #ohthatsnot #podcasts ♬ original sound – jimmy

Making fun of guys who make podcasts is what keeps white men humble. It is the only thing stopping every single man I speak to from running into a microphone and uploading his four hour unedited stream of consciousness to the world.

Thank you for your service TikTokers, keep up the vital work. I salute you.

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