A New TikTok Trend Is Turning Dogs Into Cursed Barbie Dolls & It’s Honestly Pure Nightmare Fuel

TikTok users are transforming their dogs into Barbie dolls and the end results are so fucking cursed.

TikTok is home to an endless amount of hilarious doggo videos. I must admit, I spend a lot of my nights scrolling through my For You Page for a hit of euphoria and laughter from one of these vids after a long shift.

And lately, TikTok has been responsible for a variety of trends such as the beige flags, the triangle method of dating and vabbing — where people literally rubbed their badussy juice on their wrists to get dates.

Recently, a new trend that honours the upcoming Barbie movie has taken over the TikTok FYP, and the vibes are not it.

It all started out as an innocent trend where people used a filter to turn themselves into a plastic doll to a remix of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl”. It was creative and fun.

But then someone used the filter on their dog, and from there, the trend took a scary turn.

Left, right and centre, dogs on TikTok were being transformed into dolls, but unfortunately, instead of looking like something from Littlest Pet Shop they looked like a product that would be sold in an adult store.

And I must admit, some dogs are serving face, but others look like they’re from a horror version of Toy Story.

TikToker Joe Mele (@mmmjoemele) tried this filter, and many folks expressed their fear in the comments.

One person commented: “Bro did not deserve that.”

“This will follow me in my nightmares,” another person added.

If you wanted to reimagine your pet or yourself as a cursed Barbie, all you need is the CapCut photo editing app. The filter is generated via AI, so that’s why the results can get a bit cooked.

Look, TikTok trends are definitely something that you shouldn’t take so seriously, but holy moly, some of these Barbified dogs are pure nightmare fuel.

Can we please just bring back those cute, adorable dancing pups from Barbie and the Diamond Castle? Thanks.