FITZRUN: This Melbourne TikToker Once Found A Stalker Shrine Neatly Hidden In His GF’s Roof

fitzroy home stalker shrine

Good arvo girls, gays and those of us who pay rent to live in Melbourne’s Fitzroy. Be warned that this yarn is not for the faint-hearted, because we’re gonna be talking about stalker shrines, creepy homes and all kinds of fucked up shit. You’ve been warned!

Introducing TikToker Matt Martin (@mattmartin85) who once found a whole-ass stalker shrine up in the roof of his girlfriend’s Fitzroy townhouse. And yes, it’s as creepy as you’d expect it to be. Actually, it’s way creepier. That bag of blood hanging on the wall? Yeah, no thanks.

In his first video, Martin shared a quick visual of the shrine, which looks like it has an old jacket, crusty shoes, film reels, photos of what looks like a footballer, a bag of yellow liquid, a bag of red liquid (blood?) and even a cigarette in a plastic bag.

Very strange stuff that gives off eery fkn vibes, but at least Martin paired the footage with Louis Prima‘s Italian bop “Che La Luna”. Nonna would be proud.

In part two of the Fitzroy stalker shrine video series, however, Martin switched up the music to a track from TikTok’s ‘Scary Sounds & Halloween Sounds & Halloween All-Stars’ collection called “Eerie”.

So yeah, safe to say the Mambo Italiano vibes of the last TikTok are dead and gone.

Speaking of dead and gone, in part two Martin shared that his girlfriend contacted the landlord for help with this scary-ass stalker situation, but unsurprisingly they didn’t give a fuck. I’m not saying fuck all landlords but I’m also not not saying that, either.

“They have since gone to the real estate agent who contacted the landlords who purchased the house in 2016,” Martin wrote in his second video.

“The response was that during a renovation the builders notified the landlords of previous occupants ‘personal belongings’. They told us to either throw it or leave it out.”

Nice. Helpful. Great. Did they know about this the whole time? The WHOLE TIME?

“My girlfriend’s housemate then contacted the non-urgent police hotline who told us that ‘if there is not a body part, we can’t do anything.’,” he said.

“Unsatisfied we went to the Fitzroy Police Station who were fully supportive and took down a report.”

“I doubt anything will come of it. It’s either a creep with a weird obsession with a footy player or an art installation.”

My money’s on creep, sorry my guy.

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