Lana Del Rey Filed A Restraining Order Against An Alleged Stalker & The Texts Are Creepy AF

Lana Del Ray smiling, next to sinister text messages from her stalker.

Problematic fave Lana Del Rey has had to file a restraining order against an alleged stalker that claims to be her muse, and the text exchanges her lawyers presented to court are creepy to the max.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, the singer was granted a temporary restraining order earlier this week in L.A County, after she claimed a woman named Janeen Lee Stratton was stalking and harassing her.

Lana’s lawyers allege that Stratton was constantly blowing up the DMs of her team and demanding to meet her in person. When management eventually responded to the incessant messages by telling Stratton that Lana didn’t want to meet her and to cease immediately, they received a flurry of creepy text messages in response.

TMZ obtained screenshots of messages allegedly from Stratton, with some saying: “I want to make a scene. Because guess what?! I don’t go away easy.”

The text messages continue to demand to see Lana, at one point threatening: “You don’t know who I am, but I guarantee you will soon.”

Other screenshots obtained by TMZ depict texts saying “I have loved her for lifetimes” and “it’s like smiling when the firing squad is against you.” Which is a pretty dark way to use Lana’s own lyrics.

Text messages allegedly sent to Lana Del Ray's team by her stalker.
Image credit: TMZ

According to the legal paperwork, Stratton allegedly showed up at Lana Del Rey’s home three times, the first being last month.

Lawyers allege she somehow tracked down Lana’s address and jumped the fence to get in before being caught by security, who say they found pocket knives on her.

Lana’s team alleges Stratton then showed up at her property another two times in the last couple of weeks, and was obviously removed from security each time.

It’s these alleged incidents that Lana Del Rey cited when describing her fear, and the judge has since granted a temporary restraining order that requires Stratton to leave Lana alone, both in person and any other online communications. Phew.

There’s another hearing later this month to make the restraining order permanent.