NO FKN THANKS: This TikToker Found A Cursed Secret Room Hidden Behind His Apartment Walls

tiktok secret room apartment

A TikToker has gone batshit viral for discovering a secret room in his apartment, and this isn’t the Halloween spook that I asked for. If you’re someone who’s afraid of white people walking right into horror-movie situations, turn back now.

TikToker @loganhunter_p (Logan Hunter) raked in a heap of views after he filmed himself curiously tapping at one of the wooden walls on his apartment, wondering if something was on the other side.

When the wall was lightly pushed, it would shake, and when Hunter tapped the wall, it didn’t sound like anything was behind it at all.

So, Hunter did as any landlord-fearing apartment-dweller would do, and ripped apart the wall completely. That was sarcasm, by the way, if I did that in my apartment I’d feel the wrath of Hell on my ass from all directions.

Here’s the first video in the series, in which Hunter discovers there’s an entire secret section of his house hidden away.


about to go to work so i will make a part 2 when i get back! #hiddenroom#secretroom#fml

♬ original sound – loganhunter_p

In the follow-up vid, Hunter decides to climb the stairs that he discovered behind the wall, and film what he discovers up there.

The whole video gave me itches, scared the crap out of me, and made me cover my eyes. Some people do not know fear.


pt 2 of the secret room in my apartment

♬ original sound – loganhunter_p

In a third and final video, Hunter describes what he is going to do now that he’s discovered an entire secret section of his house, and apparently, he’s going to decorate it.

It’s a very American TikToker’s approach to something incredibly fucking scary, but hey, I’m sure we’ll get an aesthetic video of his new ‘smoking room’ soon. I just know the fairy lights are coming out. I can feel it in my bones.

Oh and, don’t go telling Hunter that the ‘secret’ room is just an attic. He knows.

“I know it’s an attic btw, everyone was like ‘oh it’s just an attic’, yeah no shit its a fuckin attic, I get that, it was just sus that it was boarded up and I wasn’t told about it. That’s creepy,” he said in a video.


i also don’t give a sh!t about my security deposit clearly #fyp#secretroomupdate#update

♬ original sound – loganhunter_p

If you need me I’m going to be shaking every wall of my house in search of a secret room. I will not be having a Hugo Simpson situation in my home.