The Devil Works Hard But Watch Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Thot Shit’ Cameraman Work Harder

Megan thee stallion thot shit camera man

Megan Thee Stallion‘s ‘Thot Shit’ music video is iconic for a lot of reasons – its unapologetic reclaiming of anti-woman slurs, its rejection of slut-shaming, its roasting of men who like to hate on women they obsess over – AND the fact that it has a lot of ass. So much ass. More ass than I have ever seen before. And what we don’t appreciate enough, is the cameraman who captured those asses – and how hard he had to fkn work to do it.

‘Thot Shit’ is a pro-ass, pro-twerking, pro-slut anthem, and the music video is incredible. It has everything you can ask for – feminist politics, a rejection of misogynoir, and a bunch of hot Black women torturing a scummy white congressman with their incredible asses. We love to see it.

What we don’t appreciate enough, though, is how the fuck we got such clear shots of all the ass-twerking – something I suddenly have a lot of respect for, now that I’ve seen a viral video of the blessed cameraman who recorded them.

A video has gone viral on Twitter of a cameraman holding up heavy recording equipment that’s hooked around a woman’s hips as she twerks like her life fkn depends on it – and the poor guy has to move constantly to keep up with the incredible pace of her ass-shaking. He barely keeps up, but he’s got the spirit and enthusiasm and that’s what counts, right??? I’m proud of him.

While we are all indeed fortunate to see Megan Thee Stallion shake her dump-truck on an actual dump truck (after she hits a misogynistic congressman with said truck, bless), that’s not actually my fave part of the music video. Well, maybe watching the congressman suffer violently is, but there’s more.

The opening of the music video sees Megan call up Generic Scummy Congressman on his office line and say

“The women that you accidentally tryna step on, are everybody that you depend on.

They treat your diseases, they cook your meals, they haul your trash, they drive your ambulances, they guard you while you sleep. They control every part of your life.

Do not fuck with them.”

And just – ahhhh. I love her and I love this. Megan really snapped, and we are all blessed to be able to witness it – especially the Enthusiastic Camera Man, who is living all of our best lives right now.

Check out the iconic music video for ‘Thot Shit’ below.

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