‘Legally Robbed’: Aussies Furious At Obscene Cost Of A Meat Pie At Popular Sydney Tourist Spot

Users of the social media platform Reddit have banded together in disgust after someone posted a photo to the r/Australia page of an extremely expensive meat pie at a tourist location in Sydney.

Australian consumers are more aware than ever of when they may be victims of unfair costs. Whether it’s being on the heightened lookout for instances of shrinkflation, or launching a national investigation into the price gouging occurring at Coles and Woolworths, Aussies have had enough of paying too much for stuff.

Which is why when one Redditor shared a picture of a cafe display to r/Australia highlighting a humble meat pie with a less-than-humble price tag, people were fuming.

“Welcome to Sydney, come see our tourist attractions and get legally robbed,” posted u/SignificantSquare195.

The cost of the pie in question? A steep $12.

And that’s not all! As well as the $12 meat pie, the same dastardly venue also sold sausage rolls for a hefty $11.

Welcome to Sydney, come see our tourist attractions and get legally robbed.
byu/SignificantSquare195 inaustralia

At the time of writing the post has received over 2.5K upvotes on the platform, and garnered over 400 furious comments.

“Do they include lube with that price, or is that extra (like sauce)?” one Redditor joked.

“That meat pie better have truffles or gold inside at those prices,” commented another.

Gonna go out on a limb here and say, no, it does not contain gold. Unfortunately.

What’s that classic Australian saying we use when someone tries to charge us out the wazoo for something?

Source: The Castle.

Sure, that works… But the one I was thinking of was: Get fucked mate.

Where was the $12 meat pie being sold?

Though the original poster did not clarify exactly where the robbery in broad-daylight food items were being sold, other Redditors began investigating immediately to name and shame the venue.

Some users saw the prices at first and assumed that there was only one plausible explanation: that the food was being sold at an airport.

And while this seemed like a likely location, others pointed out that the photo did not look like it was taken at Sydney Airport.

Then, using a context clue from the post’s title, the search was narrowed down to a few areas in Sydney’s CBD that contain popular tourist locations.

Eventually, many users came to the conclusion that the location guilty of selling such astronomically high-priced pies was the Sydney Opera House.

“I bought this exact thing for the exact same price last weekend and recognised the display, I’m sure it’s the Opera House,” wrote one person.

“Based on the font it looks like the Sydney Opera House,” another seconded.

Unfortunately, at this time PEDESTRIAN.TV is unable to independently confirm the venue where the pricey pie is being sold.

What we can confirm is that wherever this meat pie is being sold, we’re not buying it.