It’s the pizza and meat pie love child mash up you never knew you needed until right this minute. Because it’s this minute that you learn that Pizza Hut threw up their dough making hands and said “*I* don’t know, just put a pie on it, for christ’s sake.”

Pizza Hut have released a crust that is not a crust, but a meat pie instead. Not a pie with pizza filling. An honest-to-goodness mini meat pie that tastes exactly like that thing you ate last Saturday morning at 2am.

They’ve teamed up with Four’N Twenty to bring you pie crusted pizza, in time for the footy season and probably not sticking around much longer after that. (Limited time and all that.)

Look, I don’t know how many more ways I can say this: THERE IS A PIZZA. WITH MINI PIES AROUND IT. THIS IS A NICE THING THAT YOU CAN HAVE.

“Aussies love pizza and we love pies, so in a world first we’ve brought these two legendary foods together in the crust,” said Pizza Hut Australia’s Head of Marketing and Innovation Fatima Syed. (Srsly. Job title goals or what.)

As one member of the Pedestrian editorial team put it: “It’s that thing you feel bad for eating at the servo and that thing you feel bad for ordering when shitfaced, together at last.”

But nothing – nothing – compares to how Four’N Twenty announced it on Facebook.

Posted by Four’N Twenty on Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Facebook official. It’s not cool when *I* do it, but when a PIE company does it…