This Literal Grown Man Got Stuck In A Giant Vase And I Can’t Stop Thinking About It

We’ve all done things we regret. My biggest regrets of late have been sending it a bit too hard over New Year’s and dying my hair red on a whim. But right now I’m feeling very thankful for my extremely mild regrets thanks to this man who found himself stuck in a giant vase at a New Year’s Eve party. Now that’s a tad worse than donning a slightly unflattering shade of copper, hey?

The soon-to-be-iconic video came to my attention after it was reposted on X — formerly known as Twitter — by some guy called Ace who racked up 15.5 million views on the hilarious vid.

It shows a group of people crowding around a man who is clearly stuck in a large decorative vase. Many are giving him words of encouragement as he struggles to squeeze himself out.

“You got it Connor,” one concerned onlooker says.

“I am doing everything I fucking can. Gosh damn it!” yells the upset man stuck in the vase — AKA Connor —with a noticeably southern twang.

A woman explains to another onlooker that “his knees are hitting” the lip of the vase, preventing him from being able to get out.

It’s truly a sight to be seen.

While the original poster of the video remains a mystery, it turns out there was another X user named @CasualThursday at the venue who live-tweeted the bonkers scenario as it happened. And he was quite surprised to wake up and see his content on X popping the fuck off.

Casual Thursday’s live tweets of the event truly read like a story so here they are for your reading pleasure.

“We have a man stuck in a decorative urn at this Mountain Brook house party. I repeat, we have a drunk man stuck in a large decorative urn at this Mountain Brook house party. Details as they develop,” they wrote on January 1, doing their civilian journalist duty.

Casual Thursday reported that Connor was laughing at first but then started to get a bit upset once he realised he was actually stuck. Then, another attendee went to go find a sledgehammer.

“My view is obscured by the gathering crowd but I can hear the tinkering of a hammer and makeshift screwdriver chisel, mixed with the frustrated, panicked grunts of the captive,” Casual Thursday continued.

“There’s a cracking sound and the crowd cheers. He is free! The urn has been shattered and our hero emerges unscathed. Our long national nightmare is over.”

Although Connor had broken free of the vase, people began whispering about the cost of the now-broken vessel “ranging from $500 to as high as $3000 USD.”

But thankfully, once Connor was out of his flowerpot prison he seemed to be in fairly high spirits.

“Urn guy is up and moving around, but now without his pants, which were apparently lost or damaged in the incident. Everyone seems fine with this. He wants a cigarette,” Casual Thursday wrote.

“He wanted a double makers on the rocks. I gave it to him and now he’s drinking alone and having a cigarette, still pantsless in the corner of the yard. Looks like a friend is trying to usher him into an Uber. Happy New Year everyone. Stay safe out there. Remember, decorative urns always look bigger from the outside.”

Wow, what a saga, hey?

I’m glad vase man is okay and that the night’s festivities carried on. Take this as your reminder not to climb into porcelain containers at a party.

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