That’s it, I’ve found it! I have found the most relatable photo on the internet.

Stop what you’re doing and take a gander at this man who has taken the absolute laziest way out of snorkelling.

Footage that has gone viral on social media depicts the man laying face-down off the end of a paddleboard, taking in the underwater sights while his friend did all of the hard work paddling him around.

“Rotto snorkelling game 101. Work smarter not harder,” the video was captioned on The Bell Tower Times Facebook page.

The video has already amassed a whopping 31,000 comments and has been shared nearly 5,000 times.

If the video has inspired you to rope your mates into paddling you around the ocean while you take a squiz at the sea life, you’re in luck because the video was shot in little old Rottnest Island.

Personally, this is the only way I’d snorkel off the coast of Western Australia out of fear of being shark (or whale shark) bait.

But snorkelling aside, WA, especially Rottnest Island, is a primo tourist destination. From amazing hikes to beautiful beaches, you’d be stupid not to go there while we’re all stuck in Australia for the foreseeable future.

While you’re there, you can even take a cute ass photo with a quokka.

I mean, paddleboarding and cute quokkas? What more could you possibly want?