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A straight-up fucking legend has devised a genius plan to head to the sesh without having to cop the excessive bar queue. James Till is a 27-year-old truck sales consultant from Melbourne and he’s cracked the cooked cunt code in spectacular fashion.

In the video footage, the bloke whacks on a pizza dude’s outfit and marches past the huge-ass line with two pizza boxes in his hand. He gives a nod to the security guard who nods back and makes his way through the packed crowd where he joins his mates, before heading to a lil nook to open up the boxes that were holding his clothes. Incredible gear.

He then tosses the boxes and changes into his club-appropriate attire and boom, he’s ready to roll. Enjoy the clip in all its glory here:

James says the idea came to his mate, Gabriel (the legend who filmed the vid), because James was always showing up late to the sesh due to basketball.

Apparently the club in question, the Whitehart Bar in Melbourne, had a promotion with a pizza shop around the corner and they noticed that the pizza delivery dudes “were bypassing security to give patrons their pizzas, so I went home, grabbed an apron, ordered a couple of pizzas from the same shop, and walked in the front entrance with confidence. I had two pizza boxes with pizza, one empty one with a spare shirt to change into to not be noticed.”

James says he’s “done similar things like this before to get into clubs, or smooth talk bouncers to skip lines, but nothing as creative as this.” It absolutely is creative, you can’t deny him that.

Given how fucken’ packed the bar was and the fact that his clever manoeuvre was gaining quite a bit of attention inside, you’d think he woulda been caught, right? Nah mate, he didn’t. He’s just that fucken’ good.

“I never got caught, the video got passed around the venue that night, and the bouncer ended up being so impressed that he wasn’t bothered so I never got caught,” he said.

Absolute king shit.