The #GreyhoundChallenge Is Putting Long Noodle Bois On A Festive Pedestal Where They Belong

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Hands down, one of the best things about the festive season is seeing endless photos of humans getting their pets involved on all the sparkly, wholesome, red-and-green-and-white cheer. This year, the owners of greyhounds have involved their awkward, long, noodle babies in the holiday spirit with the #greyhoundchallenge on Instagram and oh my stars it’s so bloody pure.

What does the #greyhoundchallenge entail, you ask? Well, really, it’s not much more than humans hoicking up their barrel-chested babies to see what’s garn on atop the Christmas tree.

That’s about it, and I love it with all of my heart.

Maybe it’s the fact I’m mere days away from being on holidays and so my brain is demanding nothing beyond content that makes it go ‘hehe brrrrrdt’ but big dogs being lifted up high enough to get in a photo with their humans (or human friends) has really done a number on me.

The stiffness in the legs, the craning of the neck, the deep desire to have a really good look and a sniff sniff of the Forbidden Sparkle Tree, the #greyhoundchallenge making me feel a whole heap of feelings – all of them resulting in me screaming internally.

I mean, come on.






And you know what? I luff them just as much.

Some of them wore Santa hats.

Others wore antlers.

Some got really high.

And others preferred to be closer to the ground, thank you very much.

Nora here is just… well I don’t know.

Some non-greyhound types got into the #greyhoundchallenge as well, which I’ll allow because they’re also incredibly cute and just as awkward as the precious noodles.

I mean, this Irish Wolfhound? Too large, not looking at the tree, yet still phenomenally adorable.

And this chug (chihuahua X pug mix??) just looks entirely unimpressed.

And I’m pretty sure this guy is 100% an alien.

The cursed energy on this long noodle, oh my good lord.

More of this #greyhoundchallenge forever, please.

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