Every year Christmas passes by in a festive flurry, without me properly decorating my apartment. The season passes and my apartment stays just the same as it does all year round! I think it’s something about moving out of home. When I was a kid, Mum would take care of the Christmas garland, the wreath, the tree, the lights… I honestly don’t know how she had the time to do it all. I certainly don’t.

But this year is going to be different, I promise. I’m going to put the work in and spruce up the apartment, bathe it in red and green, inject some serious CHEER into the place. In preparation, I will be doing some serious research, starting with the delightful Christmas garland!

OK first things first… what is a Christmas garland?

A garland is typically a long, connected strip of foliage (can be real or fake), which is generally draped across a mantlepiece, along a staircase rail or hung above doorways. They can be plain or decorative, and don’t always have to be strictly Christmas-only, either — although they are often made of pine (or fake pine) for Chrissy specifically.

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Wait — isn’t that just a Christmas wreath?

A wreath is a type of garland — a circular garland, if you like. You can hang a Christmas wreath on your front door if you’re feeling particularly festive!

OK got it. Where can I buy a Christmas garland in Australia?

Luckily for us decorating rookies, there are plenty of places to find affordable garlands in Australia. Target and Kmart are fab places to start; both stores stock a huge range of different garlands and wreaths from $10. Big W have some lovely options too, and if you don’t mind covering shipping Catch has a great variety too.

What if I want to get a little creative?

Good for you! There’s so many different things you can do with your garland, and many different materials to craft a garland from. Many are decorated with Christmas-related paraphernalia — think baubles, candy canes, bows, you get it.

Some are made with dried foliage and branches, which is great if you’d like to use your garland or wreath next year (fake ones are also fab for this reason too).

Did you know you don’t even have to make your garland out of foliage? You can actually make a garland out of pretty much anything… let your imagination be your guide! Have a scroll through Instagram for some inspiration. You are sure to find something that’ll tickle your fancy.

If you are embarking on your first Christmas decorating journey, I wish you luck! May your garlands impress everyone who visits your place this festive season.