I’m Officially In Awe Of This US TikTok Bride Who Scored Her Wedding Dress For $5 In An Op-Shop

Pictured on the left: Monica, Rachel and Phoebe from Friends wearing wedding dresses. Pictured rghti: TikTok user Jillian Lynch in her $5 wedding dress.

A US TikToker managed to score her wedding dress for AUD$5.40 (USD$3.75) and the tale has immediately made me want to go op-shopping. A $5 wedding dress? Sign me up.

Jillian Lynch shared a TikTok of her wedding in May, where she wore a $5 dress and a pair of AUD$11.50 (USD$8) vintage heels. Talk about a thrifty queen.

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In the comments, Jillian said the alterations on the dress came to around AUD$158 (USD$110). Still pretty good if you ask me. As someone who obsessively scrolls through wedding Pinterest boards, those things aren’t cheap.

Now I may not be married, but I have spent my entire life binge-watching Say Yes To The Dress. Name a better off-school-sick TV show. That’s right, you can’t.

That means I’ve listened to, watched, and analysed enough Randy Fenoli content to know a $5 wedding dress doesn’t just fall into your lap.

Pnina Tournai is absolutely shaking right now.


In a new interview with Insider Jillian Lynch explained that as a keen thrifter,  getting an op-shop dress for the wedding was always her plan.

“Because I thrift all the time, it was just the option,” she said.

“I never even considered going to a bridal shop.”

In fairness, every time I go into an op-shop and spot a wedding dress I’m immediately haunted by the phantom whisper of my Mum telling me to “just try it on”.

Jillian also said she wasn’t specifically looking for a quote-unquote “wedding dress”. She just wanted a white dress which wasn’t “too formal”.

“I just started looking for dresses, not wedding dresses, but simple white dresses,” she said.

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According to Insider, the dress is by Camilla Coelha and is actually worth around AUD$317 (USD$220) on online shopping site Revolve.

God, I fucking love a bargain like that. There’s no thrill like looking up the label of an op-shop find and discovering it’s actually worth more than the $7 you paid for it.

Jillian Lynch also shared videos of the alteration process on her TikTok, and said the support from people online helped her to decide to wear the dress in her wedding.

“Hearing the feedback through TikTok that it looked like it was made for me, I do think that swayed me,” she told Insider.

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I am truly obsessed with this dress. Plus, it once again proves my one true theory: you can find literally anything you need in an op-shop.