Facebook Accidentally Wiped Out A Bunch Of Important Stuff When It Tried To Take Down News


Well, well, well, if it isn’t the consequences of Zucc’s own actions. When Facebook suddenly wiped out all news in Australia, it either inadvertently or just irresponsibly took out a whole lot of other pages with it.

Some of these pages served people in times of emergencies. Others were for front-line services. Others were a vital link for communities to get the information they need. And yet on Thursday morning, they’d all vanished in Australia.

Compiling a full list is almost impossible. Even if we’re just looking at arts and cultural organisations, almost 200 of them that we know of were Zucc’d in one go, and that’s not to mention countless charities and other organisations representing everything under the sun.

So a compromise, here’s a list of most of the important (and some unimportant) stuff Mark Zuckerberg Facebook took down when it decided to ban news overnight.

Health Authorities

At the tail end of a global pandemic, the health authorities we look to for public safety advice and info on lockdown restrictions vanished for a short period. NSW, South Australia and Queensland were all hit badly.

While most of the pages have since been restored and are now working like normal, it’s still pretty fucked that some trigger-happy minion at Facebook could just cripple Australia’s means of getting out health information to the general public.

A bunch of charities and other health-related NGOs were also Zucc’d, such as The Kids’ Cancer Project, which is still down at the time of writing.

Fire Brigades

Western Australia just saw bushfires which destroyed over 80 homes in and around Perth. It’s not a great time for the WA Department of Fire and Emergency Services to be Zucc’d without warning.

Fire & Rescue NSW also had its Facebook page taken down.

Luckily, both pages have since been restored.

Domestic Violence and Women’s Legal Services

On Wednesday night, the government voted to basically abolish the family court. On Thursday morning, a whole bunch of domestic violence and women’s legal services found themselves without a functional Facebook page.

This is really shitty news at a really shitty moment.

At the time of writing, the Facebook pages for the Women’s Legal Service in Tasmania, the South Australian Abortion Action Coalition and the Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre are all still down, but 1800RESPECT has thankfully been restored.


The Bureau of Meteorology

Uhhh so Australia’s biggest and most important source of weather info got Zucc’d, which is both inconvenient and potentially dangerous.

Thankfully the Bureau of Meteorology’s Facebook page was restored later in the day.


A bunch of state governments and local councils had their Facebook pages yoinked for some amount of time.

Again, not great during a pandemic.


Even a few politicians got Zucc’d, including the Facebook page of WA Opposition Leader Zak Kirkup.

The state election is less than a month away and his page hasn’t been restored at the time of writing. Yikes.

A few others were also affected, such as Brisbane Greens Councilor Jonathan Sri.


Aussie satire publications like The Betoota Advocate and The Chaser have a history of conning people overseas into thinking they’re real news.

Now Zucc has apparently decided to nuke their Facebook pages under that very same premise.

Most of them have since been restored, except Shaun Micallef‘s Mad as Hell, which is literally a skit show parodying the news cycle.



Sports Teams

Apparently sports updates constitute news, according to Facebook. The main AFLW page got Zucc’d, and even Quidditch Australia wasn’t spared.

This was another ridiculous oversight which is just penalising Facebook users who want to interact with their favourite (or even their own) teams.



The Australian Unions Facebook page was temporarily down, but has since been restored.

However, the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU), the Health Services Union (HSU), the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union (RAFFWU) and other unions still don’t have their Facebook pages back up and running.

Interestingly, the Media Arts & Entertainment Alliance (MEAA) – the main union representing journalists which happens to support the government on this issue – appears to have been spared from the deleting spree.


The Facebook pages for the University of Queensland and Bond University are still down at the time of writing.

Is this an excuse to skip tutorials? Good luck finding out.

Monash Uni was also Zucc’d, but its page has since been restored.

North Shore Mums


First Nations Community Media

While Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media organisations are of course journalism and therefore potentially within the scope of the bargaining code, it seems pretty slack when these vital (and often volunteer-supported) outlets are Zucc’d by policy aiming to target the bigger players.

Publications and broadcasters like CAAMA Alice Springs, Ngaarda Media and the National Indigenous Times were all wiped from Facebook. NITV, which is admittedly much larger, was also affected.

These outlets provide an invaluable service across the country, including for many remote and disadvantaged communities.

Overseas News

Oh yeah, and we are also cut off from accessing and sharing overseas news on Facebook, too.

This is some dystopian shit.

Facebook’s own Facebook Page

Perhaps the biggest own-goal of the day…

Suck shit, Zucc.

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