How To Find Pedestrian’s Spiciest Content Now Facebook Is Banning Us All For Good

What a day. In case you missed it, Facebook is banning all Aussies from sharing local or international news. This includes you, your aunt, and every single Australian publisher – including PEDESTRIAN.TV.

It’s Facebook’s response to the Australian Government’s Media Bargaining Code, which was attempting to force internet giants (namely Facebook and Google) to pay local publishers.

Instead, Facebook decided to block all Aussies from sharing news at all. You can read more about it here.

So while we can still reach you on Facebook (hi! fuck off, Zuckerberg!) here’s where you can find PEDESTRIAN.TV next:

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Pedestrian Instagram

Yes, Instagram is owned by Facebook, but it seems to be working for publishers… for now. (Instagram is heaps better for news and spicy content, anyway.)

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Pedestrian Twitter

Given Facebook is no longer the place for news (becoming, I suppose, the exclusive domain of Facebook groups that haven’t yet tipped into chaos), now might be the time to jump on Twitter.

We tweet everything we publish, so it’s a handy way to stay on top of the news. Also: every good meme you see on Instagram started on Twitter, anyway.

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Before social media fundamentally changed how we engaged with content, people used to come to a thing called a ‘homepage’ and read ‘stories’.

You’ll still be able to find everything PTV publishes right on our homepage – you could even bookmark it?!


Watch this space.