WATCH: Old M8 Gocsy Has Done It Again W/ This You Beaut ‘Ocean Girl’ Parody

Your pals here at PEDESTRIAN.TV, being the seasoned internet denizens that we are, pride ourselves on scouring every corner of the world wide web to find you the spiciest, tastiest, most kissy-fingers content that is available on the line.

And folks, we tell you, this is the spiciest slice of bellissimo we’ve seen this side of Salt Bae (things move quick on the internet).
Your old mate Aaron “Gocsyyyyyyy” Gocs, he of the classic stitch-up and Peabody-worthy hot chook reviews, has gone and bloody done it again.
Delving deep into the archives and reefing out a parody of the classic 1994-1997 Australian TV series ‘Ocean Girl,’ we see our intrepid Gocsy thrust into the world of Neri herself and all the trials and tribulations that come with it: boys, high school, evil Russians trying to poison the ecosystem. You know, standard Ocean Girl things.
We highly suggest finding somewhere quiet to watch this. It’s just about done all of us well and truly in for the day.

The response from punters is already in: A new instant-classic.

Too bloody right, we reckon. Gocsy you STAR!

Source: Aaron Gocs/Facebook.