Aaron Gocs Takes On ‘Alex Mack’ & More In The ‘Gocsy’s Classics’ Trailer

Not squarely around the goodest old mate Aaron Gocs yet? Do yourselves an absolute bloody favour. But for those of you already aware of the great man’s presence, here’s one to circle in the calendar.

Gocsy, the Big M-chugging classic stitch-upping legend that he is, put together a ripper parody of 90s after-school TV hit Ocean Girl back January that did massive numbers across the old social media channels. On Facebook, for example, the quick 3-minute skit racked up a whopping 1.4 million views. Unreal areas.

Comedy Central Australia cottoned onto the success of the clip, and quickly commissioned a full series of 90s TV pisstakes/loving homages in the form of Gocsy’s Classics.

Today, the blessed folk at CCAU have dropped the first trailer for the upcoming series, and it looks absolutely bonkers.

Gocsy’s not just donning the high school uniform for another dig at Ocean Girl, oh no. This time around he’s also tackling the likes of Heartbreak HighBlue Heelers, the absurdly great Round the Twist, and even Alex Mack would you believe.

Yes, Aaron Bloody Gocs is gonna get soaked in GC-161 from head-to-toe, transforming him into a liquefiable teen. Hell yeah.

Can Gocsy bring peace to Mount Thomas?

Will he be able to navigate the tough, turbulent walls of Hartley High?

Or has he ever, ever felt like this?

Strange things are happening on November 15th when the series drops online. Get ready, Australia.