Your Ole’ M8 Gocsy Will Send Up More 90s Shows In A Hot New Web Series

*inhales deeply*
Everyone’s favourite mullet-having, stitch-up doing, hot chook-reviewing internet legend Aaron Gocs is set to take his deep, abiding love of 90s Australian TV to all new heights via a brand new, standalone web series.
Screen Australia and Comedy Central AU have today announced ‘Gocsy’s Classics‘; an upcoming five-part series skewering the shite out of the weird and wonderful crap we used to watch between the school bell ringing and ‘Sale of the Century‘ coming on. The series is just the third original show commissioned by the local arm of the US comedy cable giant.
You’ve probably all already seen Gocsy’s incredible ‘Ocean Girl‘ homage, starring the great man himself as the titular aquatic lass as she battles love, high school, and Russian criminals.
This new series takes that concept and spins it out further, with each episode focusing on a different classic show like ‘Heartbreak High‘ (see the incredible image of Gocsy as Drazic above).
Said Gocs of the new series:

“I grew up watching 90’s TV shows and I thought it’d be cool to be in them, so I went ahead and did it. Be the change you want to see in the world.”

A-bloody-men, mate. Words to live by.

The series is being produced by local production house Hot Dad Productions (great name), and will premiere first on, before it cops a run on Comedy Central’s local Fetch TV channel afterwards.
Don’t remember the OG ‘Ocean Girl’ vid? Cop a squizz at it via the embed below.

Gocsy’s Classics‘ is scheduled to premiere online later in the year.
Hell yeah, Gocsy! Bloody good on ya, champ. Can’t bloody wait to peep the new show I tell you what.
Photo: Screen Australia.