Folks Are Sharing Their Most Cursed Secondhand Finds On FB & I Have, Like, A Million Questions

With COVID-19 limiting the amount of ways that I can interact with people, I’ve found myself an absolute Facebook Group fiend. I’ve joined tons of groups lately from Charmed and Kath & Kim fan pages to a hilarious group where people pretend to be boomers. Hours of fun.

Over the weekend, I was added to a particularly intriguing group called Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared and as the title suggests, it needs to be fucken’ shared.

Have a go at just a few cooked examples that I’ve already spotted in my short time being a proud member of the most cursed group you’ll ever find.

Doll clutching the dismembered body of another doll:

You’re next.

I went to Cancun and all I got was this stinky shirt:

Satanic jack-in-the-box (or is that redundant?):

Ice-T with Ice Cube shirt:

I’m calling Benson and Stabler to investigate the heinous crime that was the making of this shirt.

A bleach bottle made into a piggy bank:

A hellish garden gnome:

Another excuse to hate gardening.

Oh but DW, this cat will save us:

A clock in a box with chicken legs:

Pencil lamp:

Colour me unimpressed.