Anyone feel like inviting demons into their home? Feel free to buy this cursed doll off Ebay, bc I can almost 10000% guarantee that it’ll open a portal to hell in your lounge room and also probably use your body as a vessel to go about it’s evil deeds.

Here’s sweet Lucy, and she is – according to Ebay seller nicoldonu0 – *VERY ACTIVE*.

“Hello sweaties would you like a vision of ants crawling out of your eyeballs today?”

nicoldonu0, because she is just not really understanding the term “live your best life”, collects paranormal dolls and household items. As you do when you like to live cursed, I guess.

This haunted figurine was owned by a young girl named Lucy. This doll has been known to move and fall off shelves on its own. I do not wish to own Lucy any longer because I have had an increase in nightmares since it came into my possession and seen a young girl around 13 years old wearing a wet dress with no eyes standing at the edge of my bed more than once. I believe the entity to be Lucy. According from the estate manager I purchased Lucy from, she belonged to a young girl who passed away in a boating accident.  Please be cautious with this doll because it is highly active.

I’m sorry – a girl? In a wet dress with NO EYES? I will never, ever be able to get that image out of my head.

She’s currently got the doll listed for US$60, which IMO is a pretty exorbitant amount considering she’s begging people to take it off her hands.

“I am tired of the cursing life, but I did not choose it, it chose me”

Like mate, just give that shit to some unsuspecting kid in the street. When it comes to cursed dolls, it’s a dog eat dog world and passing it on to an innocent child is fair game.

If you want this damned doll, you’d have to contact her as there isn’t specifically an Aussie shipping method allocated to it.

If you just want to watch idiots bid on it, be my guest. Link’s here.

Image: Ebay