This Woman Found Haunted Doll Books While Cleaning Out An Attic & Fucking No, Burn It Now

Because I will simply never, ever tire of terrifyingly cursed content, I’m very happy to share this one with you because if I had to look at this fucked up cursed shit then you do to. Sorry, those are the rules. This time, books about a cursed, haunted doll graveyard that was found in an attic by a woman just trying to help out a friend.

Strap in, this one’s a pearler.

Denise Milder and her daughter were simply giving her friend a hand to clear out her parents’ place in Minnesota earlier today. A relatively normal, nice thing to do, right? That was until they came across a couple of absolutely fuck-no-thank-you cursed books in the attic about extremely haunted and demented dolls.

One was called ‘The Doll Graveyard’ which honestly holds so much chaotic evil energy that I can’t think of anything worse. The other? Simply ‘Creepy-Ass Dolls’ and you know what? Does what it says on the lid. Without a doubt. Those are some creepy-ass dolls.

cursed doll books
(Image: Denise Milder / Facebook)
(Image: Denise Milder / Facebook)


I simply do not trust Barnabas Jones or Brunhilda Ursolovely as far as I can throw them. Yuck. YUCK.

cursed doll books
(Image: Denise Milder / Facebook)

If Sweeney Maude here tried to serve me lunch I would lose my mind. This doll is absolutely not allowed to 1. be alive or 2. serve food to humans. Absolutely not. Burn her in the fiery pits of hell immediately.

Let’s wind it back to the Doll Graveyard book though, because that in itself is unhinged and holds extremely anarchic energies.

Here’s the blurb on the back:

cursed doll books
Look at the recommended ages there my LORT. (Image: Denise Milder / Facebook)

Ok, the surname Tate? Already cursed. Cursed to the high heavens.

Oh my god so somebody has built a graveyard for their dolls and these two kids just stumble across it? Absolutely not thank you very much.

I’m sorry but if I was Shelby here I would not be trying to help these fucked-up porcelain dolls try and “find their peace”, I’d be hightailing it out of there so fast and absolutely dousing myself in sage smudge sticks. Just light up a whole pile of sage in a ring around me to banish any and all wicked doll spirits that tried to follow me from this absolutely batshit scene.

The most alarming part though? The fact that this book, this here nightmare material shit, was bought in a god damn school Scholastic book fair. And it apparently appeals to 4th – 6th graders. In what world? The underworld?? Literal hell???

haunted doll books
Me, at these fucken horrible books.

PEDESTRIAN.TV had a chat with Denise after she posted the cursed books to arguably the best Facebook group in existence, Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared. (Seriously, join that group. Thank me later.)

She told us that while they were cleaning out the house, her friend was giving her stuff that she didn’t want to hang onto. Including these books. Hard to picture why.

Apparently when they first stumbled on the cursed books in the attic (who put them there? The cursed dolls, of course) Denise’s daughter pretty much screamed and flung them away from her. Also not surprised by that reaction.

Denise also hasn’t done anything with the books just yet because she literally discovered them this morning. My God I’m hoping that she didn’t take them home with her. DO NOT TAKE THESE BOOKS INTO YOUR HOUSE, DENISE. You’re just tempting fate and inviting Deeply Damned Energies to come into your home. Banish them to the depths of Hell immediately. Back from whence they came.