It’s Back: The Collins St Falcon Live Stream Returns To Prove Melb Isn’t Just Liveable For Humans

In news that will warm the hearts of everyone living in Melbourne during this cold, shitty winter — the official Collins St falcons live stream is back in business.

On Friday, Victorian Premier Dan Andrews announced the return of an activity that I like to call “bird-watching for lazy people”. Don’t @ me, I’m doing it too!

On the live stream, the Collins Street falcons can be seen going about their day-to-day activities.

Examples of such past times include snuggling up to one another, taking a poo, and regurgitating food into the younglings’ mouths. Guess they’re not so different to us humans after all!

According to the building’s website, August is when the lil’ falcon eggies hatch and a new generation of Collins Street birds are ushered in to protect the city.

Cue “Something in the Way” from the closing scene of 2022’s The Batman.

“From the foyer of the building, thousands of people per year enjoy watching CCTV footage of the birds as they lay and hatch their chicks from August,” the site reads.

“Peregrine Falcons are birds of prey known for their capability to fly at extremely high speeds (in excess of 320km per hour) earning them the title of the fastest animal on earth.” Crikey!

The Collins St falcons live stream has been a feature of Melburnians’ at-home entertainment schedule the past few years.

Back in 2019, PEDESTRIAN.TV reported on the Collins St falcons live stream which legitimately has its own Facebook supporter group. Go off.

The “367 Collins Falcon Watchers” FB group currently sits at 33.9k members. My fingers are crossed we can crack the 40k mark after this article drops. Go you good thing!

In November 2020, the big Collins Street falcon news of the day occurred when the birds got scared by an aeroplane passing overhead. The footage was unbearably cute and was exactly the type of content Melburnians needed back in the Lockdown Dark Ages™.

In 2022, we are once again blessed with the opportunity to see what a $4000 per week apartment view on Collins Street might look like. We can dream, right?

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