Melbourne’s Peregrine Falcon Livestream Is Back, Motherfuckers

Australia’s favourite web stream has returned for another year, showcasing a Melbourne office tower’s peregrine falcon family – and their precious new additions.

367 Collins Falcon Watchers, a long-running Facebook group which shares live footage from the falcon’s CBD nest, thrilled onlookers yesterday when it announced the arrival of four new eggs on the building’s ledge.

“They’ve laid really early for us this year,” said Leigh Stillard, founder of the Facebook group.

The eggs are a positive development, considering last year’s tragic circumstances: although three of four eggs hatched last year, Stillard said the remnants of the fourth unhatched egg remain in the nest.

In the half hour we observed the feed, we only saw the new eggs once. We can only assume this is because the falcon is being extra careful to keep the new eggs nice and toasty.

Good job, bird.

While the idea of a livestream capturing the life and times of some birds of prey might seem weird, peregrine falcons are reasonably widespread across Australia. The raptors hunt and kill prey, predominantly other birds, by dive-bombing them at great speeds.

They also appreciate a high vantage point, which is probably why they’ve made a home at 367 Collins Street since 1991.

We’ll let you know if, and when, the new eggs hatch. Until that time, watch with us below: