Where were you when you saw your first aeroplane? For the three falcon chicks living atop 367 Collins St in Melbourne, they were running for their sweet little lives into the corner of the windowsill they call home.

In footage captured by the 24-hour livestream (and later shared to Reddit), we can see the three peregrine falcon chicks running for cover as soon as they hear the sound of a plane.

When that plane gets within earshot, you can hear the sweet baby chicks chirping to each other out of distress. Then, all three of them run into the corner for cover.

It’s adorable and lowkey relatable watching them run into the corner together like extras in Pingu.

367 Collins st Falcon chicks have their first experience of having an aeroplane flying overhead in Melbourne from australia

As someone who grew up under the flight path, I do not blame the falcon bébés for flinching under such circumstances. Sure. they’ll get used to it, but for now, they don’t deserve to be startled like this.

Look at those glazed eyes poking out of the fluff-balls, waiting to see if that horrid plane is gone yet.

They must be protected at all costs. These adorable, sweet angels do not deserve to be menaced by those loud, polluting contraptions.

A few Redditors commented that while the footage is cute, they found the three falcon chicks to be “fugly”.

Let this article be your sporadic reminder that the Collins St peregrine falcon chicks are not, in fact, fugly. They are simply delightful.

Actually, they are so fucking adorable and I will defend them from internet hate (and aeroplane noise) with all my heart.

Thankfully, many of the other commenters felt the same way as me.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to scale 367 Collins St with three sets of falcon-sized earmuffs.