‘Evil Woman’: Colleen Ballinger Accuser Adam McIntyre Slams Her Cooked Ukulele Response Video

CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses allegations of online abuse.

Yesterday, Colleen Ballinger, AKA Miranda Sings, released a 10-minute video in response to multiple allegations of child grooming, sending sexually suggestive messages to minors and developing emotionally “traumatic” relationships with children. For some reason, her address to these serious claims came in the form of a ukulele song.

Ballinger posted the since-deleted video titled “hi” to her YouTube channel. In it, she sings about how fans are spreading “misinformation” and says “the only thing I’ve ever groomed are my cats, I’m not a groomer.”

Understandably, it was met with widespread backlash from online punters along with her accuser Adam McIntyre.

Streaming live on Twitch and posting to YouTube shortly after, McIntyre watched Ballinger’s video and called out various aspects of it.

“This is your response?” McIntyre exclaimed. “Your response is making fun of us?”

“I’m so glad this is a joke for her,” McIntyre went on to say sarcastically.

McIntyre added: “I don’t feel gaslit because I know that she’s in the wrong and I know that she’s an awful person. She has shown you all the type of disgusting person she is.”

He later took to Twitter to further slam the YouTuber, labelling her an “evil woman”.

In the video, Ballinger sings: “All aboard the toxic gossip train, chugging down the tracks of misinformation.”

“Toxic gossip train, you’ve got a one way ticket to manipulation station,” she continues.

“Toxic gossip train, tie me to the tracks and harass me for my past, because rumours look like facts if you don’t mind the gaps, I won’t survive in the crash but hey, at least you had fun.”

It’s a rather bizarre move from the YouTube personality, especially given the weight of the accusations made against her.

In the video, she also clarifies that her character Miranda Sings was “always” PG-13, and that her videos on that channel are not available on YouTube Kids.

“I also wanted to take a minute to talk about that girl, Miranda Sings. She’s PG-13,” she said.

“It says that on my website and it’s always been that way and that’s why you won’t find my videos on the YouTube Kids app anyway.

“I didn’t realise it was my responsibility to decide what was appropriate for every kid to see. I’ve always relied on parents to decide if they’re comfortable with their families watching my YouTube videos or coming to my live shows.”

Feels like shifting blame onto the parents, which is absolutely not how you address allegations.

Folks online were quick to point out that while Miranda Sings’ YouTube channel doesn’t appear on YouTube Kids, the character is featured in other creators’ videos.

The absurdity of the “apology” video has sent the internet into a frenzy, with people mocking it for being insensitive, bizarre and “disgusting”.

I have no idea why Colleen Ballinger decided to pick up a ukulele at a time like this.

If she was going to address the accusations head-on she should have done so with a modicum of respect for the people who are claiming she hurt them.

PEDESTRIAN.TV makes no comment about the correctness or otherwise of the allegations, only that they are being made publicly.

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