Another Fan Has Come Forward With Allegations About Colleen Ballinger AKA Miranda Sings

CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses allegations of online abuse.

Another former fan of Youtuber Colleen Ballinger, AKA Miranda Sings, has come forward alleging the comedian acted inappropriately with her during a live show when she was only 16 years old.

TikToker and YouTube commentator Zander (@ImJustZander) recently brought to light an incident where Ballinger, as Miranda Sings, used a minor on stage to do a yoga challenge during her tour. In the skit, Ballinger spreads the girl’s legs to the point where you can see her spanx. It is also alleged that a fart sound effect was played when it happened.

A screenshot of Zander’s TikTok which is now deleted (Source: TikTok / @_Imjustzander)

Becky (@ItsnotBecks) — who did not disclose her last name — stitched Zander’s video on TikTok, revealing she was the 16-year-old girl in his video. In her two-minute TikTok, Becky recounted everything that allegedly happened during the yoga challenge and that the alleged incident made her feel “naked” in front of Ballinger’s audience.

“As soon as I stood up from the audience, I saw Colleen’s eyes widen because she realised I wasn’t wearing pants, but for some reason, that didn’t stop her from continuing. In fact, no adult at any point stepped in,” Becky said.

“So we get to the point in the yoga challenge where I’m laying down and Colleen is spreading my legs, basically as far as she can. She spreads them so far you could see the spandex I was wearing under my romper.”

Becky then referenced the picture that was used in Zander’s video, where it looks like Ballinger is standing over her whilst spreading her legs.

“That screenshot is the most important because that is the moment I will never forget where I was laying under Colleen and she was smirking down at me while thousands of people were laughing and I was terrified that my body wasn’t covered enough,” she recounted.

“I basically felt naked, so it felt incredibly sexually violating. I was younger and my body was still developing and I was still becoming comfortable with myself, so for her to use my body as entertainment on stage really set my confidence back.”

Becky then revealed she “didn’t feel safe” leaving the concert after the yoga challenge as she felt men were staring at her in a “predatory” way. She also said that this incident was not a sexual assault on Ballinger’s part.

“Colleen exploited my minor body for entertainment and money and did not protect my safety at this show,” she said.

“She uses kids for her own gain. I was a minor and again, she did not protect me.”

Since dropping her story, Becky shared two other videos calling out folks who blamed her for the alleged incident. In one video, she showed what she wore. Ballinger was also in the photo.

In another video, Becky addressed comments on her outfit head-on, telling users who shamed her: “A lot of the negative comments that I’ve received are why victims of any traumatic situation don’t come forward a lot of times.”

“Especially the [comments] about clothing are pissing me off, like, saying that a women deserves something to happen to her because of what she was wearing is such an archaic and gross way of thinking. And I can’t believe people in 2023 are commenting that on the internet,” she said.

While accusations against Ballinger originally surfaced in 2020, accounts like Becky and Zander have recently come out to shed light on Ballinger’s alleged behaviour.

In 2020, then-17-year-old YouTuber Adam McIntyre alleged in a YouTube video that he’d formed a friendship with Ballinger in 2016 when he was 13 years old, and she was 30.

According to McIntyre, he first connected with Ballinger during a livestream that she was hosting with her friend and fellow YouTuber Kory Desoto in 2016. She noticed McIntyre’s tweets and said that he was “so funny” that she had to send him something. While sending fans gifts was apparently normal for Ballinger’s live streams, she is alleged to have sent McIntyre lingerie that Kory was wearing over his clothes during the livestream.

McIntyre said that he eventually received the lingerie from her, his mother confiscated it immediately. They allegedly continued a friendship, with Balinger apparently even asking McIntyre out to lunch while she was in Ireland, where he lives.

“I was so excited to see my friend again. My mum on the other hand was really cautious. She made it very clear that she didn’t trust Colleen.”

McIntyre also claimed that he ghost-wrote Twitter content for Ballinger’s Miranda Sings account from 2017 to 2020, posting directly to the account without being paid. He said he stopped writing tweets for Ballinger after one of the tweets he wrote, which was approved by the YouTuber, received backlash from audiences.

“This is someone that I loved so much, and seeing not only someone I would have called a friend go out of my life like that — someone who was my idol for years,” McIntyre said in the video.

“It’s weird, and I don’t really know the words to say,” he said. “I just feel awkward whenever it comes down to talk about it. That’s why I don’t talk about it. That’s why nobody knows about it.”

Now, three years later, McIntyre has released another video about his relationship with Ballinger in which he alleges the Miranda Sings star “groomed” and “used” him when he was a minor.

He also claimed that Ballinger inappropriately communicated with minors, allegedly asking him to reveal what his favourite sex positions were and requesting inappropriate photos of him.

Another YouTuber, known as KodeeRants, has supported McIntyre’s claim by uploading a video entitled “Why I left the Colleen Ballinger fandom…”.

In her detailed 30-minute video, Kodee makes claims regarding their connection with Balinger’s inner circle and the toxic nature of the fandom. They also allege that Colleen manipulated them into making a video against McIntyre’s allegations.

Ballinger has yet to address the allegations, but for now, it seems like the YouTuber has only limited comments on her social media accounts. POP Buzz reported that she lost at least 30,000 subscribers since the allegations resurfaced.

PEDESTRIAN.TV makes no comment about the correctness or otherwise of the allegations, only that they are being made publicly. Ballinger has not responded to the allegations at any time.

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