Footage Has Resurfaced Of Colleen Ballinger Doing Blackface While Impersonating Beyoncé

Colleen Ballinger AKA Miranda Sings has found herself in even more controversy after an old video of her singing ‘Single Ladies’ in blackface resurfaced.

The video, shared to her Miranda Sings YouTube channel in February 2018, is unlisted but still viewable. It shows Ballinger in character as Miranda Sings, performing the Beyoncé hit with what appears to be black paint smeared on her face.

If that isn’t cooked enough though, it appears Ballinger voluntarily added the vid in question to her book ‘My Diahre’ which was published in 2018.

It’s not the first time Colleen has been accused of racism in her videos either. In 2020, Ballinger issued an apology for a separate video in which she impersonated Latina women.

“It is not funny, and it is completely hurtful,” she said in that apology video —  which was thankfully not done in the form of a song.

“I am so ashamed and embarrassed that I ever thought this was OK. I was a sheltered teenager who was stupid and ignorant and clearly extremely culturally insensitive… Racial stereotypes are not funny, they’re not a joke, and they should never be joked about.”

Let’s just hope these fresh allegations don’t prompt her to pick up the ukulele. Again.

PEDESTRIAN.TV makes no comment about the correctness or otherwise of the allegations, only that they are being made publicly.