This Video Of The Talking Dog From TikTok Having An Existential Crisis Is A Huge 2020 Mood

bunny dog

Ahh, remember Bunny, the adorable dog who learned to speak? It feels like a lifetime ago when she took over social media for being, quite possibly, the smartest dog in the world, but it was actually just earlier this year. But in a few short months, Bunny has gone from asking to play with a ball to experiencing full blown conscious existentialism.

You know, the full human experience.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bunny, she has mastered the art of speaking to her owner using a button system with pre-recorded messages. It’s honestly insane and you should stop what  you’re doing and deep dive into her TikTok right now.

@what_about_bunnyThere was zero percent chance I was going to be capable of saying no. ##dogsoftiktok ##smartdog ##fypシ ##talkingdog♬ original sound – I am Bunny

Honestly, I will never get over my fascination with this damn dog. How?! She is just *so* smart. I can’t handle it.

But in addition to being a powerful overlord who is now an expert in the field of persuasion, Bunny is now capable of questioning her own existence, apparently.

“Bunny: Bringing you existential content since dogs could talk,” she captioned the video on TikTok.

@what_about_bunnyBunny: Bringing you existential content since dogs could talk ##bunnythedog ##talkingdog ##fypシ ##aac ##WeekendVibes ##doggos

♬ original sound – I am Bunny

“Help,” Bunny says after learning of her own existence and having a subsequent mental breakdown.

At this point, I’m beginning to question the ethics of teaching a dog to talk. At first, it was adorable and I loved it, but now I’m starting to get some real Jurassic Park “your scientists were too preoccupied with whether you COULD, you didn’t stop to think if you SHOULD” vibes from this.

Honestly, after the year we’ve had, I’m not surprised that Bunny is having an existential crisis. Me too, Bunny. Me too.