Sometimes, I’ll come across around a video that immediately fills my normally-cold heart with an overwhelming sense of joy. This TikTok of a dog being treated to a facial is one of those videos.

TikTok user @isabellaaseeley shared the following footage last week. “Just walked into my sister giving my dog a facial,” she captioned the clip, “what on earth.”

The subsequent ‘Tok, which can only be described as immaculate and correct, shows her sister treating her pooch to a glorious facial treatment, decked out with towels, candles and a heavenly soundtrack.

The dog is in pure bless, while the sister looks back at the camera as if to say, ‘and what about it?’

The vibes emanating from the screen are commendable. Looking at this dog nonchalantly enjoying a facial, my worries seem minor and obsolete.

@isabellaaseeleyJust walked into my sister giving my dog a facial.. what on earth ##fyp ##doggie ##doggiefacial♬ original sound – isabellaaseeley

“And it’s absolutely what she deserves,” one user commented. And I think I’m right in saying that we all whole-heartedly agree.

Pamper on, blessed pooch, pamper on.

Image: TikTok / @isabellaaseeley