People On TikTok Are Trolling A Girl Who Ranted About Unnecessary Duets & The Result Is Art

TikTok is a dog-eat-dog world. You either succumb to the madness, or you embrace it. One girl has learnt the hard way, that when you make any kind of commentary on a TikTok trend, you may just ~become the trend~.

@johnson_fran made the OG video a few days ago where she complained that people need to stop dueting videos when they have absolutely nothing to add to them.

“Can we stop dueting videos when we have absolutely nothing to add to them?” she said.

“I don’t need to know what you looked like watching that TikTok.”

Of course, since making the TikTok every man and his dog (literally) have dueted and reposted the video. And It’s honestly a work of art.

There’s a few versions floating around, but this one is probably the most popular, with a whopping 4.6M views on the video platform.

People are obsessed with this vid and rightly so, with some labelling it as “one of the best TikToks ever created.”

“This isn’t nothing it’s art,” said another person in the comment section.

Look, they aren’t wrong. I mean the effort, the execution. It’s perfect.

Thankfully, @johnson_fran has also been able to see the funny side and has no problem taking the piss out of herself.


Thank you so much

♬ Can we stop – Fran


However, it also comes as no surprise that people have been downright nasty to her as well. Many people fat-shamed Fran, and also made fun of her appearance.

It’s an absolute disgrace, and it’s NEVER ok to fat-shame anyone.

Why be mean, when she literally started the best TikTok chain known to man?

Give her the crown, she deserves.