It was only a matter of time before Billie Eilish made her presence known on TikTok. Perhaps more surprising is her apparent account’s instant mastery of the platform.

In case you missed it, the Grammy-winner and pop killer apparently made her public debut on the platform on Friday, seemingly gracing the planet with the handle @coochiedestroyer5.

Billie didn’t announce her arrival, and she hasn’t yet publicly linked to the account from anywhere else, leading some fans to speculate it might not be her account at all.

However, the account did go ahead and share Billie’s take on the Time Warp Scan trend, which sees users munt their faces with the help of a simple camera filter. As you do.

@coochiedestroyer5##TimeWarpScan♬ original sound – Tik Toker

So far, so simple. But the real artistry took place a couple of days later, when the profile shared a clip of Billie revisiting a personal challenge from her long-forgotten past (2017).

“Do you guys remember when I was fifteen, and I fit an entire ukelele head in my mouth?” she asked. We’ve all been there!

“Shall we see if I can do it again?” she said. “I very much doubt it, but I will try.”

You can probably guess what happened.

@coochiedestroyer5♬ original sound – Tik Toker

The profile has already garnered 4.3 million followers. That’s just a fraction of her following on Twitter and Instagram. But, as evidenced by the cooked content she’s pumping out, it appears Billie (or whoever is pretending to be Billie) is going for a slightly different vibe on TikTok.

Amid all of this, you’d be forgiven for temporarily overlooking the fact she’s also a musician. The apparent arrival of Billie’s TikTok actually coincides with the release of the new music video for Therefore I Am, which features your green-haired m8 rampaging through an empty shopping centre and pinching snacks. The dream.

Whether that pretzel makes another appearance in subsequent TikToks is yet to be seen.

Image: @coochiedestroyer5 / TikTok