Billie Eilish Gave Our Accent A Red-Hot Go During Her Aussie Tour & We Simply Must Stan

billie eilish australia

When international celebrities try and do an Australian accent, it usually makes me unwell. But not Billie Eilish. She’s given our accent a red-hot crack during her ‘Happier Than Ever’ Australian leg and didn’t completely butcher it (like so many others before her have). Thank you for allowing me to still like you, Billie.

A recent TikTok by @worldofkila shows it all going down. Billie is on stage in Sydney with brother Finneas, where she tells the audience at Qudos Bank Arena that she always wanted an Aussie accent as a kid.

This was because her favourite shows growing up were The Saddle Club and H20: Just Add Water.


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What an angel — even I, who was born and raised in Australia — have not watched these iconic childhood shows, even though I frequently listen to both program’s theme songs via my neverending Spotify Liked Songs shuffle. Sorry world, this is me.

“Give us some dialogue from one of the shows,” her brother, Finneas, prompts her.

“Oh noo, Cleo!” Billie responds in a pretty damn good attempt at an Aussie accent. She also references “Comanche” which is apparently one of The Saddle Club horses. Look, it’s only four words, but I am personally impressed.

I’ve heard some pretty shit tries at the Aussie accent in my time , but I’d say her penchant for local Australian television — rather than, you know, watching outdated depictions of us in American films — has a role to play in this.

And to think — all that time I was wanting a yellow school bus and an elaborate prom proposal, Billie was wanting to sound like a fair dinkum true blue Aussie. It’s a funny world we live in.

Billie’s Aussie leg of her ‘Happier Than Ever’ world tour started earlier this month with a whopping 12 shows in total. After perfoming three Sydney shows, three Brisbane shows and three Melbourne shows already, she’s playing her final Melbourne show tonight, followed by two Perth shows on Thursday and Friday night.

I honestly can’t even look at my Instagram without seeing footage of one of her many, many concerts here down under. I guess I will just have to resort back to pictures of people at the beach any time it’s over 20 degrees.