The Best Meme From Every Month Of The Bin Fire That Was 2020

Ahhh, 2020, the year that kept on giving. And giving. And giving. In fact, it never stopped giving, and is still continuing to pull tricks out of the bag despite being over. My goodness, what a decade that year was. Thankfully, we had iconic memes every month that got us through the absolute hellscape of a time.

We’ve selected only the best memes of every month for the calendar, so you can remember just how many iconic memes we slammed through last year.

January – Dolly Parton Challenge

I know it feels like a lifetime away, but the #DollyPartonChallenge was a thing at the start of the year.

Albeit this was before all the chaos and confusion of 2020, so it’s a rather fun little meme.

It all started when Dolly Parton decided to post this image to Instagram, and for some reason, it took off from there.

A heap of celebs were clearly bored and jumped in on the challenge, which was fun, but Paddington Bear had the greatest entry.

February – I Am Once Again Asking For You

This video right here from absolute legend Bernie Sanders was released in December, but only really kicked off as a meme in late January/early February.

And boy were the memes absolutely delicious. Like holy hell, this was a good time.




March – Nature Is Healing, We Are The Virus

God, this must be my favourite of any 2020 meme. This meme started off as a joke tweet, where people were saying that thanks to coronavirus, nature is healing because all the humans are inside.

It’s worth noting that while it looked serious, dolphins were not actually in the canals of Venice.

Then as all things go on the internet, people started to make fun of this post and create some hilarious content.

April – Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl memes were the gift that truly kept on giving, and although they were shortlived, they were masterpieces.

The meme started pretty much out of thin air, and just kept on getting bigger and bigger, with more and more variations. Thus is the way of the internet, I guess.

And then naturally the meme fell into chaos, as all memes eventually do, and went completely off-format.

May – X Æ A-12 Was Born

Upon the birth of Grimes and Elon Musk‘s wildly named child, the memes came rolling in like lightning.

Most people compared the child to a robot or alien deity, and it was pretty hilarious.

June – Umm… June

June kind of became a meme of its own, being positioned at the halfway point of this hell year.

Many people joked that June was going to make things ten times worse, and that we were all doomed. Fun times!




July –  Everything Is Cake

Yes, there was a time this year where we thought everything was cake.

That’s all the explaining one can do really, you just have to watch the videos to understand.

August – How The Email Found Me

A prime example of COVID-19 humour at its most refined. Everyone was working from home and being swamped with positive emails, and come on folks, read the room, this is not a positive time.




August Again – Mentally I’m Here

August was pretty ripe with isolation-related memes, because the feeling of absolute hopelessness was simply swimming through the air. Thus, the ‘mentally I’m here’ meme was born.

Suddenly people were posting about where they were mentally, because physically, they were all stuck at home. Think of it as a beautiful form of escapism.

September –  Da Vinky?

Words cannot express how incredible this single video is. Posted to TikTok, the Da Vinky Twins (Chris and Patrick Voros) rose to internet fame almost immediately with their iconic stupidity.

There weren’t too many memes born from this video, because the video was so iconic by itself, but there were a few gems here and there.

Da Vinky

October – Kim’s Private Island

Once Kim Kardashian posted about her private island getaway for her 40th birthday, everything went to shit (for her).

Comments in the OG post like “I am humbly reminded of how privileged my life is” and “we could pretend things were normal” were just the tone-deaf icing on the cake.

Suddenly the memes started pouring in, copying the text that Kim used on her original post.

Bask in the glory of these memes because they are brilliant.

November – Election Memes

God, there were so many memes pouring in from the 2020 US presidential election. From folks waiting for Nevada to count their damn votes to Four Seasons Total Landscaping being a thing that happened, the internet truly won this November.


(thisisntflying on twtr) #bluesclues #election #nevada #biden2020 #trump2020

♬ we just got a letter – colby

December – They Don’t Know

What started off as a simple meme format has decided to take off all through the month, gifting us with one last meme for the year of 2020.

This meme right here was the first of its kind, and really kicked off the trend.

And then, of course, more outrageous memes followed.

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