This ‘Mentally I’m Here’ Meme Is Basically Every Single Person Getting Through 2020

In case you’ve missed it, the latest meme going around is the ‘Mentally I’m Here’ trend, and boy are there some winners going around. Essentially the meme consists of people posting any kind of picture they desire with the caption ‘Mentally I’m Here’… and honestly same.

Nothing captures the 2020 mood more than escapism. Oh to be in the town of Bananas in Pyjamas. Oh to be on Spooky Island. Oh to be a bad girl in Cancun. (It’ll make sense later.)

According to the source of all meme knowledge, Know Your Meme, “the (meme) became popular in July 2020 and was attributed to feelings of escape or anguish during the coronavirus pandemic.”

So, I’ve gathered the best of the best ‘Mentally I’m Here’ memes getting me through this year because oh God when the hell will it end.

Honestly, I can’t remember what this show was called but I just want to live amongst the mole and his underground library in a Covid-free paradise.

Remember concerts? Take me back to the near-death experiences of a Lana Del Rey moshpit.

Mentally, I am but a bad girl heading off to Cancun.

Pixel Chix lives rent free in my head at all times. She really knew how to live.

Right about now, being haunted by Scrappy Doo in a Rowan Atkinson skin suit sounds pretty ideal tbh.