Air New Zealand Took A Swipe At Prince Harry On Twitter & The Joke Didn’t Land Very Well

Air New Zealand

Remember when there was a reality TV show called I Wanna Marry Harry, because everyone wanted to be the lucky woman (or man) who’d win Harry’s heart? Well, not anymore. It seems every man and his dog are having a go at Harry after excerpts from his tell-all book Spare have been circulating. Even Air New Zealand is taking swipes at the Prince.

On Friday, the popular airline made a fairly uncharacteristic joke about an excerpt in Prince Harry’s book where he said Meghan Markle booked a first class Air Zealand flight for her father Thomas Markle so he could get to the UK safely before a media frenzy ensued.

“Air New Zealand, first class, booked and paid for by Meg,” Harry wrote in his controversial memoir.

Since then people online have contested it, saying Air New Zealand does not offer first class on any of its flights. Hence, why Air New Zealand made a joke that Markle was flying “#Sussexclass” to the UK.

Air New Zealand

The post has received fairly mixed reviews, with some finding it hilarious — and others finding it in very poor taste.

However, the airline isn’t the first to poke fun at Prince Harry — many other people are taking to social media to laugh at passages from the memoir

Most recently, an excerpt from his audio book was the aubject of ridicule as he talks about using the same face cream his mum used on his ahh… little Prince.

Of course, these excerpts are just excerpts. So while it can be fun to take these funny statements and run rampant with them, it should be acknowledged how things can be taken out of context and that inconsistencies in memory are a natural part of being a human.